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New Booksies of the Month

Published June 30, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

So, earlier this month I decided to do the “New Books” post a montly thing- considering I get them whenever I can… Though after yesterday, I am not sure I am going to buy much on July *cringe.* Not going into details for this one, but knowing my book buying addiction- I am not so sure it will be an easy task to achieve. ūüôā

June 6

  • *The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (An Eclipse Novella)¬†by Stephenie Meyer
  • *Changes (The Dresden Files, #12)¬†by Jim Butcher
  • Kiss of Life (Generation Dead, #2) by Daniel Waters

June 8th

  • Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain (Signed)
  • *Blood Song (Bloodsinger, #1)¬†by Cat Adams

June 19th

  • *The Last Angel by Steven Savile

June 23rd

  • *Keys to the Repository (Blue Bloods) by Melissa de la Cruz
  • *Dark Flame (The Immortals, #4) by Alyson Noel

June 29th

  • Kraken by China Mi√©ville
  • Nights of Villjamur by Mark Charan Newton
  • Tracking the Tempest (Jane True, #2) by Nicole Peeler
  • Succubus Blues (Georgina Kincaid, #1) by Richelle Mead
  • Succubus on Top (Georgina Kincaid, #2) by Richelle Mead
  • Sisters Red (Sisters Red, #1) by Jackson Pearce

June 30th

  • The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle: The¬†Thing Beneath the¬†Bed¬†by Pat Rothfuss (Signed speshul ed. ūüôā )

And my Super-Special batch thanks to a friendie who passed by the BEA 2010:

  • Hold Me Closer Necromancer (ARC)¬†by Lish McBride
  • Hunger (Horsemen of the Apocalypse, #1) (ARC)¬†by Jackie Morse Kessler
  • Sapphique (Incarceron, #2) (ARC)¬†by Catherine Fisher
  • Married with Zombies (Living With the Dead, #1) (ARC) by Jesse Petersen
  • Halo (ARC) by Alexandra Adornetto
  • Flu by Wayne Simmons (Not from BEA)

(*) Booksies I read


Books Lots of People Love- Me? Weeell…

Published June 18, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

There are a lot of very well liked books- the kind that people love and would probably rip your throats off if you dare say you do not like them… Scratch that, they WILL rip your throats out and feed your brains to kitties if you said that. This makes me wonder, are we obligated to like/love those books, and even more so because they are so famous? Geesh, I get called names on a daily basis when I admit to not liking some of those too much or to not having read them.

So, here I am, ready to throw myself out there and odds are that you guys will likely be raising torches and pitchforks after I am done with these (I will go slow and just mention 3 major YummyFails) ūüėõ So I ask nicely, please- be careful not to burn my hair; I am quite fond of it as it is. Thank you very much! LOL

1- Stephen King-

I have never read any of his books… Shameful? Maybe, but please keep in mind that I did not grow up in the US and books were very expensive where I grew up. And even if some of the movies that have been brought to screen from his books, but I did not know who he was until a few years back. Please do not get your panties in a bunch, Mr. King is already on my TBR list; so sooner rather than later I will read his writingzzz.

2- Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Series-

Okie, this is the hardest part–> I really do not like this series much. I have the first seven books and I only got to the fourth one. Before you start saying something, I am not saying that Charlaine Harris’ writing is bad; not by a long shot. Her writing is awesome and the plot in the books so far was pretty amazing, so it is easy for me to understand why a lot of people love these books– I really do. But it is just not my cup of tea, or water, or whatever I feel like drinking at a given moment. Should I give the books another try? One day soon, hopefully before classes begin. I promise I will try to read them again soon, so please do not hate me. *grin* I do love the HBO show though ūüėČ

3- L. K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series

I have not read this series yet, despite the fact that I have the first 4 books and other 2 that a friendie got me for Christmas last year. This is another series that I hope to read (or at least part of it) before next semester begins. But yeah, I guess you can call this a ReadingFail just like with Stephen King. =)

The Dresden Challenge [Part 1]

Published June 6, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Hi! I know, I suck– but just a bit. As you might or might not know I am reading Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files as a challenge/dare/bet [you pick] which is the reason as to why I have not been posting regular reviews. I have until June 11th to finish the series, so far: 5 books to go, and 6 days left– I CAN DO IT! =) When did I start? I started Storm Front on May 26th. Let me just say that these books are amazing; they are a mix of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and Anton Strout’s Simon Canderous Series… I know that Simon Canderous came a bit after, but I read it first so in MY head Simon has seniority- Mind you, it does not take anything away from Mr. Dresden’s awesomeness! *grin.*

I just finished Dead Beat (Book #7) and “Hell’s Bells!!!”… Butcher sure knows how to keep the reader’s interest on edge. I am supposed to go now and start Grave Peril, but I think I will leave that for tomorrow. I will not lie, reading one whole series in a row is a bit overwhelming; but do not get me wrong, I am enjoying these books way more than I expected– and trust me, I had huge expectations. Now I understand why everyone is so in thrall with Mr. Harry Dresden.

I shall not blurb too much about the books now– that shall come as soon as I finish all twelve books. Though I must say, Harry Dresden is sure on of my fave male characters ever. I love how developed the character is; how we can see how strong he is and yet how vulnerable at the same time. I just love it!

Right after, expect my blurbs on:

  • Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead
  • Num8ers by Rachel Ward
  • Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane
  • Perchance to Dream by Lisa Mantchev

Also, I should thank some friendies for supporting me on this Dresden Challenge– though not some people around me that keep interrupting me when I read *glares.*

And talking about booksies, here are more I have gotten lately [I think I will resume these posts to once a month, at the end of the month.]

May 23rd

  • Dead Beat (The Dresden Files, #7) by Jim Butcher
  • Proven Guilty (The Dresden Files, #8) by Jim Butcher
  • Small Favors (The Dresden Files, #10) by Jim Butcher
  • Unholy Ghosts (Chess Putnam, #1) by Stacia Kane

May 28th

  • Perchance to Dream (Th√©√Ętre Illuminata, #2) by Lisa Mantchev
  • Generation Dead by Daniel Waters
  • Witch Craft (Nocturne City, #4) by Caitlin Kittredge

June 3rd

  • Accidentally Demonic (Accidental Series, #4) by Dakota Cassidy
  • Brains: A Zombie Memoir by Robin Becker
  • Feed by Mira Grant
  • Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh
  • Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, #11) by Jim Butcher

I am a bit disappointed at the bookstores though– I have been to two of them and neither had Jim Butcher’s Changes… I hope I can get it before Friday the 11th.

Well, I shall leave now- movie is waiting =) [How to Train Your Dragon] I promise that as soon as I am done with this challenge I will try to update reviews.


Now tell me: Any book recommendation? Have you read Jim Butcher’s books? What do you think of them?


Published May 4, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

I know, I am a slacker… But real life, reading, writing, and the little world in my mind keep me very busy all the time– despite the tweeting all the tim *shame… not really.*

I just¬†realized that it has been a while since I posted something remotely productive, so I decided to do something close to it and give you guys a walk through my last two weeks and a half in my book world…

I won the bet/dare I had with @SimonCanderous— I was supposed to finish the first six books on the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward, also read the Insider’s Guide, and get to read a part of book #7 [Lover Avenged] before Lover Mine came out… And I did it! Now, there is another bet/dare going on by @SimonCanderous and @Hagelrat: As soon as the semester is over I am supposed to read Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files in two weeks. I am actually looking forward to that one *grin.*

“Hi everyone, my name is Ale and I have a problem: I am a compulsive book buyer.” [crowd replies: Hi Ale!] … For real, I have this thing that¬†whenever my emotions are extreme I have to go to a bookstore. Everyone knows what happens when Ale goes to a bookstore, right? She ends up buying books– more than I should, and I cannot help it. So, here you go, books I have bought this past two weeks:

April 18th

  • Mind Games by Carolyn Crane
  • Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire
  • Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells
  • Covet by J.R. Ward
  • The Fallen 1 by Thomas E. Sniegoski
  • Randiant Shadows by¬† Melissa Marr
  • White Night by Jim Butcher

April 21st

  • Desert Spear by Peter V. Brett
  • Branded: Fall of Angels by Keary Taylor
  • Willow by Julia Hoban

April 23rd

  • Moon Called by Patricia Briggs
  • Blood Vice by Keith Melton
  • Darkest Night by Gena Showalter

May 1st- Free Comic Book Day! *YAY* That says it all…

  • Preacher Vol. 1 by Garth Ennis, Glenn Fabry, Steve Dillon
  • Dead @ 17 [a lot of them] by Josh Howard
  • Marvel Zombies: Dead Days by Robert Kirkman, Mark Millar, Reginald Hudlin

May 1st

  • Witchling by Yasmine Galenorn
  • Burned by P.C. & Kristin Cast
  • Battle of the Network Zombies by Mark Henry
  • Lover Mine by J.R. Ward

May 4th

  • Boys That Bite by Mari Mancusi
  • The Nymphos of Rocky Flats by Mario Acevedo

Honestly, I think my bookshelf is going to break/fall soon… There are, literally, +100 books on top of it waiting for me to read them… *shame* I think I need some profeshunal help now. LOL

Well, homework is glaring at me and calling me names from on top of the table… Nope, I am not kidding- I wish I were.

Good Night y’all! Hope you guys have a good one and cute dreams! ^-^ -Ciao

Black Dagger Brotherhood Series (1-3) -Thoughts [Spoilers]-

Published April 16, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Hi everyone! Well, as you might [or not] know, this past weekend I started reading J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. So far I just read the first three and this morning on my commute I started #4… And Oh-Holiness! I do not know how I managed to wait so long to start it– considering that I got the whole collection for Christmas last year =) I hope to finish before book #8 comes out.

But up to the point: What do I think about them?¬†Good question: These books are awesome! [Please keep in mind that I am referring to books 1-3] I think I am going to be spoiler-ish here, so if you have not read the books: I am sorry, but I have just so much to say about them…

First, lets me just say that I love how the POV changes are done. It is so easy to understand and impossible for the reader to get lost– It flows quite nicely! I really like how in the novels you get other characters POV, not just the main ones’.

But let me start with Dark Lover. For me it was the perfect way to start the series. And the beginning was all like: BANG! The scenes of Darius car being blown by the bomb and Beth being taken to the alley were fascinating for me– It played like a movie in my head. The descriptions of the brothers and everyone else were so detailed¬†that made [or makes] the characters feel real¬†for the moments you are reading them. From beginning to end I LOVED Wrath– he is just so mysterious and charming in a twisted way, and sexy as hell very good looking in my imagination. Beth was a pretty strong girl, I liked her, too!¬†My¬†other¬†two favorite brothers in this book were Z and Rhage, so imagine my happiness when I realized that the next two books were about them *GRIN* There were two females that pissed me off though-> Marissa and the Scribe Virgin… I do not know why, but sweetness I just wanted to punch them both =P

Moving on to¬†Lover Eternal. Rhage was one hell of a character. I liked how tortured he was, but how he accepted it because he knew he deserved that curse. But then Mary came in and… Well– I did not like her character too much. She was just too whiny. I mean, I understand her being bitter at everything, and her wanting to be completely independent and not getting close to many people– I really do; but the way she was sometimes just pissed the hell out of me. I am not saying that she is a bad character or that I think less of the book because of it; I love the book, and I love it when I dislike characters on them. Once again I wanted to kick the Scribe Virgin… And Mary as well. But other than that, I loved everyone else. I liked how J. Matthews [Tehrror] was¬†introduced in the book. And Torhment — I really like him, too!!!!!

Now up to Lover Awakened. Zsadist is my favorite brother! It bothered me how everyone assumed stuff about him since book #1. I mean– c’mon! The fact that he is traumatized beyond belief is bound to make him different and to break him in ways that are impossible to understand unless you have been in the same situation. I was amazed at his depth despite of his brutality. Bella was a great main character, too! When they met on book #2 was one of the best parts of that book, and here– when she was on her needing? I just wanted to scream. You can feel the tension rolling off the book.¬†And Phury’s and Zsadist’s flashbacks were so sad… No wonder Zsadist is/was that way. The ending was spectacular- the way that many things came together: Rehvenge being the Reverend, Zadist’s transformation, Phury’s destruction… But I cried– yeppers, I did; when Wellsie died! It shocked me, and it was so freaking sad! I want to know what happened to Torh. … Well… I will stop my rambling now ūüôā

But there is one more thing though– John Matthews. I was talking to a friend of mine and I told her that there is something weird with him. I mean, you can tell that there is more to him than just what we can see; but what is it? [Please, if you know, do not answer– I do not want spoilers.] Like I told her– the Scribe Virgin told Darius he was going to come back, but that she was going to take something from him, did she not say that? But then again…¬†John M. was born way before Darius died… Still I think there is something going on and I sure cannot wait to find out!

Well, I is out! It feels good to actually get my thoughts out. =)


Author Appreciation Week, Day #5

Published March 19, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Image by @NovelNovice
Oooh! Today is the fifth and last day on AAW, and given the fact that I was not able to appreciate all the authors I wantedРtoday is going to be a special mention for all the authors I luv. I apologize because they are going to be short blurbs. =) [In no particular order]

J.R.R. Tolkien
Amazing author, and creator of the unique world in which Lord of the Rings develop. One of my favorite books everРand newp, I cannot pick a favorite out of the three. I read the books a long time ago in Spanish [more than once, each] but still have not been able to read them in English and I still have them here [I borrowed them from a friend *hangs head in shame*] But I am so refreshing my mind soon to the greatness that is Lord of the Rings.

J.K. Rowling
OMG! If you know me, then you know how much I love Harry Potter. Amazing writer + awesome story = Great books and I want more! =P I do not need to say more, do I? Just know that I am a maniac when it comes to my lovely Harry Potter *grin.*

Carrie Jones
I do not NEED to say anything, right? She CAPTIVATEd me with her first book and not to mention how awesome she is.
Go and visit her in

Lisa Mantchev
To say that she is making me like Shakespeare now says it all. Yeah, you read it right! Me is more accepting of Shakespeare =P But reallyРEyes Like Stars is one of the most unique books I have read, and this lovely lady is great as well.
Go and visit her

Kristin Cashore
Graceling was a very different book from the ones I have read, I was pleasantly surprised when I read it and it left me wanting more. Fire was amazing as well! I love her books.
Go and visit her
Well, I would love to stay and mention every author I admire, but this is going too long alreadyРand I need to go and prepare for my midterm and write 2 papers! 

Author Appreciation Week, Day #4

Published March 18, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Image by @NovelNovice

Today, as y’all know, is day #4 on AAW! I¬†decided to do something different– I¬†want to dedicate this one to the writers who aspire to get published, the ones who are in the process, or newly published ones. I¬†am sorry if this one is not as personal as the past three posts, but I¬†know a lot of you guys and I have so much to say that I¬†will never be done. Just know that I wish you all, darlings, the best of the best!¬†And remember that the road is long and there are lots of huge rocks you will have to kick, and mountains you will have to climb along the way– But if you persevere, you will not regret anything because heaps of good stuff will come your way. Just believe in yourself and in everything you have to offer; do not forget that you have people who support you *raises hand and points at self whispering- Me!*

First, lets start with someone who just got published->

Laura Kreitzer

From fanfiction to a published author! What more can I say? I just got her book and read the beginning [I needed to read a bitРtoo much of a temptation *hangs head in shame*] and the bit I read, just left me wanting to read more. I seriously cannot wait until I finish doing all my work and finishing this pile of books so I can start Shadow of the Sun for real now. Ms. Kreitzer is super niceРI sincerely wish her all the best!
You can visit her over HERE!

Here goes to a friendie of mine who [I am sure] will get published->

Priscilla Shay [Pen-name]

I actually met her last semester on my ENG. LIT. 1 class, and let me just tell youРthis girlie is smart and all kinds of cool [and reads- a lot.] Once I could not stop laughing in class thanks to her sarcastic comments about I do not remember what. And one day we started talking about books and yeah, the rest is history! I assure you, guys, that one day you will see her books on a shelf! You can go and read her story Willful Wisdom HERE! Believe me, this lovely girl is Ah-Mazing =)
You can visit her in

And, once again dear aspiring authors, remember that the key to getting published [most of the time] is trying… and then trying again– and again, and again, and again… [you get the point.] I know it is hard, I¬†am one myself and sometimes all I want to do is curl up on my couch and wish I¬†did not NEED¬†writing as much as I do– but¬†it is what I¬†love doing so… Also, I know that negative critiques are always horrible and a major downer as well, but always there are going to be people who like your writing and people who do not– But those that like it, make up for those who do not and make this task even more speshul!

And I am going to stop babbling now… Much love and support to our ladies in here today!¬†X’s &O’s!