Author Appreciation Week, Day 1- J. Morgan & Anton Strout

Published March 15, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Image by @NovelNovice

As you guys might or might not know, this is the first official day of the Author Appreciation Week, which was proclaimed by Heidi R. Kling over Twitter on Saturday [I think it was] and you can see the whole post on her LJ HERE! The main point is to show some love in direction of those writers who have provided us with the most fabulous escape– Books, the written world! And for all those nights you guys spent writing, and editing those manuscripts, I want you to know that I am eternally gratefull that you shared them with us [fans.] Thank you for giving us great part of your time, and helping us forget reality for a bit.

Today– Day 1, I have two very speshul authors:

J. Morgan & Anton Strout


In no particular order [since both of them are completely amazing] I will start with:

J. Mo!!

I stumbled across J. Mo. quite some time ago over facebook. Before adding him, I searched for his books, and I read How Wickeder Can She Go? [Which I loved– Just sayin’] and after that the only question hanging was: “How can I not add him?” I mean, c’mon– If you read his books, you will understand what I mean [can you not see it on the picture?? Pretty obvious if you ask me; and look, it is a Sponge Bob Cake!]. The guy is as funny as they get and the books reflect that perfectly! There was no time when I stopped laughing when I read what he writes.

Now with last, but not least:


Anton Strout
(Mr. Strout, Can I use this picture, please? TYVM)

Okay, I think y’all understand why I chose this picture *giggles*– I mean, how can you not like something that an author like him [cough-zombie-cough] writes? I am sure he writes from personal experience, being a zombie and all… But seriously now, getting Anton’s Dead To Me was the hardest task ever, and getting to meet him at the NYC ComicCon was even worst– Long story short, I did not get to meet him those days. But I am glad I kept on trying because Simon is now my fictional boyfriend [I do not think he knows, neither does Jane.] Like J. Mo, his books are filled with humor, and most importantly–> Sarcasm, snarkiness, and wittiness! Awesome much? And to top it of, he even signed my Dead Matter copy as the Diva– even after my stalking and bugging! *Grin*

Both, J. Mo and Anton apart from being great writers are amazing people and inspiring role models [at least for me, working and writing at the same time is not an easy task, but they both manage,] not to mention that they are completely patient when I find them lurking over FB and ask them for some sort of advice! Thank you, dear authors, for being so amazing and sharing your time with me and your other fans. Thank you for giving me [us] the most amazing present anyone can give me [us]– an escape in Bookland! I wish you both the best of the best and lots of success and happiness! Hope you can feel the love from this “humble” fan over here -heehee *hides pies behind her back waiting for them to come forward and smash it in their faces*-. *hugs to both*

Some might ask why is it that I like their books so much, and being honest– apart from the awesome sauce spilled on those written words, their books appeared in a moment that… lets say that they each came at the right moment! And they helped me in some way, even if at moments it was just with laughter. Like I say, even the smallest help is help at least. So I sincerely thank you both– So much! X’s and O’s! 

Recs (meaning the books I have read from them, which are grrrreeeaaat!)->

  • J. Morgan -> How Wickeder Can She Go?, Love at First Stake (Love Bites, Book 1) and Love to Stake Another Day (Love Bites, Book 2)

You can Visit J. Morgan’s Lair, HERE!!

  • Anton Strout-> Simon Canderous Series: Dead to Me, Deader Still, and Dead Matter. Also his short stories on the following anthologies: Zombie Raccoons and Killer Bunnies (“for lizzie,”) The Dimension Next Door, Spells of the City (“Stannis,”) and A Girl’s Guide to Guns and Monsters (“Lupercalia.”)

You can Anton Strout’s Undead Approved Mad Scribblings in HERE!!

Show your support and love to this authors, trust me– you guys will not regret it! =D

This is also posted on my personal blog-> HERE!

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