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Book Playlist or Not, That is the question.

Published April 9, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Well, that along with “To read and blog, or to do homework and work…” I guess you can see where I went, but just because my grades depend on that answer. I have been slacking, I know *Sheepish grin.*  


This past weekend I kept playing certain songs whilst reading Angelology. They fit the mood of the book and the events happening on it [in my head at least.] I realized that it is something I usually do when I am either reading, or writing. It helps with understanding, getting into character sometimes– or staying IN character- and goes with the flowing plot. 

There is one special composer that I like, and I love reading to his music– Hans Zimmer. He did the music for Pirates of the Caribbean (2 & 3,)  The Dark Knight, Frost/Nixon, The DaVinci Code, Angels & Demons, Serlock Holmes… Well, needless to say- I love his music. That got me into thinking how important music is to set the mood on something; and how it can make a movie suck, or the opposite. For every mood and every feeling there is, you can find a song to relate it to- the same with the reading. 

I definitely need music for everything I do: drawing, writing, reading… What about you? Do you listen to music when you do certain stuff? Can you not concentrate with it? Without it? =)