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Book Love! “Love Free Stake Hard (Love Bites, Book #3)”

Published April 15, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Love Bites Book #3: Love Free, Stake Hard

J. Morgan

<i>Love Bites Book Three</i>: Love Free Stake Hard

Dela McNamara thought she had the most boring job in the world. Tour guide to the scenic cemeteries of Savannah. Yeah, that’s what she spent her life aspiring to become.

Then Demetrious de Mecini stumbled into her graveyard and right smack into her suddenly unboring life. Along with three female killers, a passel of crazy militant monks.

On the run, they fight for their lives and sanity and land themselves in a headlong flight into danger and perhaps the answer to a mystery five thousands years buried in the clouded mists of mythology itself. Before it’s over, Dela finds herself between a stake and a hard place, but if she survives, love might be the ultimate prize or the ultimate curse.

**Eeek! I cannot wait to read it *GRIN*