Author Appreciation Week, Day #2

Published March 16, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Image by @NovelNovice

Today [Author Appreciation Week, Day #2] I am talking about to lovely writers:

Erica Hayes and Stacia Kane

And [in no particular order] lets begin with->

Erica Hayes

I first saw the book one day I went to B&N to buy no particular books [just to look around and see what book would capture my attention.] I usually roam around Urban Fantasy/Fiction, and that was when I saw this sexy-ass cover that was mostly red and black [my fave colors.] I read the title Shadowfae [Interesting, right?] and then read the back cover and I had to get that book. Before reading it, I cheated and stalked Ms. Hayes website and read Hellcursed, and right away I had to read Shadowfae. Needless to say, I loved the book and started following her over Twitter. She is amazing and very, very funny! She is a lovely person, and from my perspective, she has this great relationship with her fans! Her writing is awesome as well, so get her books –Sexay and the characters [cough-Kane-cough] are yummeh! Her books are on my top faves ever since. Thank you Erica for sharing your stories and amazing universe and characters with us. ❤

You can visit Erica over HERE!

Stacia Kane

Another lovely person, trust me! I literally stumbled across her site once because of one of her blog posts, and started following her on twitter [THIS was the post, LOL.] At first I really did not know she was an author, but when I started paying attention to her site, I got the point. I read her book, Personal Demons on February and I had to buy the rest of the series right away– One of my fave book series I must say! I loved the universe she created, I mean– It is one of my fave subjects to write and read about-> Demons! And the characters are amazing as well. I cried so much on the last book, not only because of everything that happens, but also because it was the last book; that fact alone broke my heart. But she is pretty cool, and also she is awesome to her fans. So, Ms. Kane, thank you so much for your stories, and for sharing them with us.

You can visit Stacia over HERE!
Once again, Ladies, thank you for being such great authors! =)


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