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I Am Back… Or Trying To at Least

Published January 6, 2012 by Nerdy_Faery

Hi you, whoever you are, my imaginary friend!


Last year was filled with bumps and had barely anytime left to do any pleasure reading– trust me, it was filled with… You know what? It matters not! The point is: I barely read anything I was actually interested in, and there was not any productive writing done by me, which I am deeply ashamed of and honestly? It is driving me insane! When I read I escape from reality to a completely different world, and when I write I enter my own Neverland! So.. Without any escape I guess you can imagine how fed up with reality I have been, right? Right! I decided the situation had to change and it is a new year, I have a new attitude and want to join my book world again. I have been missing it.

I have no idea how I am to get in “reading” shape again, but I believe it is not impossible– Time to get my hands on some books ASAP because I am waaaaayyy behind on reading. Oh my! *EXCITED* I have Blood Cursed by Erica Hayes waiting for me and Alice by J.C. Noir to read right after. Fun times ahead! =)

Well… I am outtie!

Hope everyone has a lovely night– and WELCOME BACK!!!! (Including myself there) 😉


Book Playlist or Not, That is the question.

Published April 9, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Well, that along with “To read and blog, or to do homework and work…” I guess you can see where I went, but just because my grades depend on that answer. I have been slacking, I know *Sheepish grin.*  


This past weekend I kept playing certain songs whilst reading Angelology. They fit the mood of the book and the events happening on it [in my head at least.] I realized that it is something I usually do when I am either reading, or writing. It helps with understanding, getting into character sometimes– or staying IN character- and goes with the flowing plot. 

There is one special composer that I like, and I love reading to his music– Hans Zimmer. He did the music for Pirates of the Caribbean (2 & 3,)  The Dark Knight, Frost/Nixon, The DaVinci Code, Angels & Demons, Serlock Holmes… Well, needless to say- I love his music. That got me into thinking how important music is to set the mood on something; and how it can make a movie suck, or the opposite. For every mood and every feeling there is, you can find a song to relate it to- the same with the reading. 

I definitely need music for everything I do: drawing, writing, reading… What about you? Do you listen to music when you do certain stuff? Can you not concentrate with it? Without it? =) 


Published March 22, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

I know, I know– I have been slacking and I am sorry about it. School have been kicking my ass in more ways than one. And last week I was not able to read Cat’s Claw— not even a page! I am still on page 200-something, can you believe that? I *SMH* at myself. Also, this week I am starting H.P. Lovecraft’s The Call of the Cthulhu because I am going to write a paper on it for my L-Scholars Program. It is going to be kindda hard, so I guess I will not be having a nice and relaxing Spring Break *le sigh.*

Hopefully this week I will be able to finish it! [I promise I will try!] 



Anton Strout and Amber Benson’s Joint Signing

Published February 28, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Yesterday -February 27th, 2010- was AWESOME [for lack of a better word.] I met up with Jen (@undeadapproved), we had lunch and then hung out until it was time for—THE SIGNING!

YES! Amber Benson and Anton Strout’s joint signing at Midtown Comics.

First is first though, Jen and I met up early. Now, I do not mean early in a 9am fashion, I mean early like at 12:00pm. We went out to eat something [BBQ’s babeh.] Let me just say that I lurv this girl. I almost cried happy tears just because I had someone to talk books with, and also be a fangirl with. And when I say talk books with, I mean it; you have no idea how many books and authors we discussed… And video games as well, well, she did and I took mental notes on which ones to buy.

We walked to Midtown Comics and our dearest authors were not there yet. So, what to do then? Buy some stuff then go out and walk around for a bit. We visited a Candy Store, can you say “Yummeh,” please and thank you very much? [nope, not the one from the 50 Cents song =P.] We also went to this awesomely amazing Japanese bookstore where I wanted to buy gazillions of stuff, and ended up buying nothing *shame.*

By 2:30-ish, we decided that it was time to head back to Midtown Comics to get in line—Just in case… And good thing we did that, because by the time when we got there again there was already a fairly ‘long’ line. Okay, not that long, but it was for us. Why? Because we were in the cold, waiting… and waiting… and waiting… [it keeps going and going for more than an hour.] All that time was spent laughing our asses off [at least I did,] listening to weird/random/funny as hell- snippets of conversations, complaining about the cold, and coming up with funny stuff that would be great to see them for real *wink wink.* Oh, and my twittering.

Now I feel mean though *snort.* My tweets were about what was going on during the waiting time. Now imagine: Jen and me, trying to protect ourselves from the horrible cold that was chilling out bones. Also laughing at something the girl in front of us said [Girl: Her personality is like syphilis… C’mon, you gotta admit, it is a good analogy.] So, the correct thing to do [at least in my world] is-> 1st: Start calling our dear author Mr. Strout a Diva [all in good fun though,] and 2nd: Tweet about it. Here is my Tweet Feed:

• Gee… @antonstrout is such a diva! *Grin* standing in line with @undeadapproved [it] is cold.. They are torturing us, making us beg for entry.
• – In line… Cold… With @undeadapproved
• So… Just heard the diva [aka] @antonstrout is doing so interviews… Fiirst we [were] not invited (@undeadapproved) 2nd- that’s why we are freezing *g*
• It is all in good fun @
undeadapproved and @antonstrout (aka The DIVAAA!) LOL

*Grin* I know… I ‘is’ mean [sometimes.] But hey, he has to thank me [or the guy that let us in at the moment] because I did not post this one: “Our feet are freezing, toes are falling any minute now, cannot feel my limbs… @antonstrout will have to kiss out boots, or in @undeadapproved’s case—sneakers. LOL.” Yes, we truly are the fangirls everyone wishes they could have. *Evil Laugh*

We went in; I had my sockey-monkey in hand. While in line, we see our dear authors talking calmly to some other fans when Jen says something like this:

Jen: Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to start throwing paper balls at Anton.
Ale: *Mischievous grin* YES! *Starts looking for some piece of paper*
Jen: ::Laughs::
Ale: Dang, I can’t find anything… *Looks at sockey-monkey* Hey, I can throw my monkey.
Jen: No, don’t throw the monkey… You are mean!

I just wanted to point this out: I am the Mean one?? *ROTFLMAO* She was the one who gave the idea; I just resorted to different methods.

All in all it went fantastic. Both Amber Benson and Anton Strout are lovely. I was dared, by Jen, to act like a fangirl and cry. I did the fangirl part, but I forgot to cry. Amber liked my kitty ears and my kitty bookmark *grin.* And the best part? When Jen gave Anton his prezzie. It was an adorable Simon (HERE) and Anton’s childlike excitement when opening it. It was quite funny because they were trying to identify the character; and when Jen told them it was Simon, their faces were priceless.And the afterward Tweets: 

• Just met @antonstrout and @amber_benson with @undeadapproved awesome! Beware Anton, fan appreciation day coming– soon, mwahahaha!
• Oh noes! @
undeadapproved, I forgot to make @antonstrout take a pic with my sockey-monkey ::sulks:: lmao… I had fun, thank you! Xoxoxo
• Signing was phenomenal @
amber_benson is a sweetheart and @antonstrout is… Anton -lol…. Just jk… They are both made of awesome! 🙂

I think that the guy behind us in line was pissed because we talked to them for a bit and took pics with Anton. But I could not care less *MWAHAHHAA.* Hey, it was our turn after all the waiting; and we got there before he did! =) But like I said; I had an amazing time with Jen [we should do that again soon.] And Amber and Anton are amazingly awesome as well. If you did not go—you have no idea of what you missed =P hehe.

Trust me, it is awesome to go to a signing with someone who is there for the same exact reason.

And I think that is it… I got a question: Why is it that you like Anton Strout’s book that much?… But I am afraid that that is a story for another day because this blog is already long enough as it is! =)

For the pics you can go HERE! On my LJ ^-^

 And yeah, that was our day! ^-^ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Hopefully soo, again!

You can check Jen’s website HERE!
 Thanks for reading!