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Interview with Anton Strout- Happy Book Bithday

Published February 24, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Have you guys heard about the Simon Canderous Series by Anton Strout?


Of course you have heard of it! Well, guess what? Today we have a guest, well: more than one actually. Wait for it… Anton Strout is here with us! Thanks to @SimonCanderous on Twitter. Naturally, Simon is helping me co-host this… should I call it interview? 

(Ale) Pick a color, Simon
(Simon) Blue

(Simon sez) then why don’t we get on with it?
(Ale) That is what she said *giggles*
(Simon sez) really, Alejandra?
(Ale) *Sobers up* yeah, yer right… So, give it up for Anton Strout *Applause*

-Anton enters the stage

Interview under the cut =)