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Shadowglass Giveaway- Winner! =)

Published March 31, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

And here it goes, my first giveaway- Shadowglass by Erica Hayes. Thank you guys so much for participating! 

The winner is #8- Jennifer, who said:

Talk about cutting it close! Go me! HAH!

“Her personality is like syphilis.”

That is all.

YAY! Congrats Jennifer! Please send me your address to: ale_bodden11 (at) hotmail (dot) com

I promise that soon there will be another one! Oh yes there will be, trust me!! *Grin*


Shadowglass Giveaway!

Published March 25, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Hi! As you guys might [or not] know, I LOVE Erica Hayes’ books. Hell, you can even see it because she was one of my AAW’s pick. This lady is freaking awesome and her writings are sexi-licious and yummy-licious– Trust me, I love yummy things.

Enough of my ramblings and up to the point. When Shadowglass came out I went to B&N and got it as soon as I could, but it turns out that now I have two. They are both in perfect condition because I am OCD with my book collection. So I was wondering, why not share the goodness? I am willing to depart from one Shadowglass [the one I just got and have not touched] and send it to one lucky person who comments. The person will be picked randomly with’s help, of course.

Remember: This is the second book on Erica Hayes’ Shadowfae Chronicles [First one is Shadowfae]

What do I need to do, you might be asking yourself, I am sure you are. Well, since this is my first giveaway [yay!! My first time– Minds out of Gutterland, please] I decided to keep things easy. Just leave a funny comment, for my own sake [I just love laughing.] It can be something completely random. I am easily amused, so it is an easy task.

-Contest is open to U.S. & Canada. (Sorry)

-Winner does NOT have to pay for anything.

-And make sure to check back on this, because the winner will be posted in here!

Now… This will run until Tuesday March 30th, 2010- 11:59:59! Winner will be posted on Wednesday. =)

Good Luck to everyone! ^-^

Author Appreciation Week, Day #2

Published March 16, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Image by @NovelNovice

Today [Author Appreciation Week, Day #2] I am talking about to lovely writers:

Erica Hayes and Stacia Kane

And [in no particular order] lets begin with->

Erica Hayes

I first saw the book one day I went to B&N to buy no particular books [just to look around and see what book would capture my attention.] I usually roam around Urban Fantasy/Fiction, and that was when I saw this sexy-ass cover that was mostly red and black [my fave colors.] I read the title Shadowfae [Interesting, right?] and then read the back cover and I had to get that book. Before reading it, I cheated and stalked Ms. Hayes website and read Hellcursed, and right away I had to read Shadowfae. Needless to say, I loved the book and started following her over Twitter. She is amazing and very, very funny! She is a lovely person, and from my perspective, she has this great relationship with her fans! Her writing is awesome as well, so get her books –Sexay and the characters [cough-Kane-cough] are yummeh! Her books are on my top faves ever since. Thank you Erica for sharing your stories and amazing universe and characters with us. ❤

You can visit Erica over HERE!

Stacia Kane

Another lovely person, trust me! I literally stumbled across her site once because of one of her blog posts, and started following her on twitter [THIS was the post, LOL.] At first I really did not know she was an author, but when I started paying attention to her site, I got the point. I read her book, Personal Demons on February and I had to buy the rest of the series right away– One of my fave book series I must say! I loved the universe she created, I mean– It is one of my fave subjects to write and read about-> Demons! And the characters are amazing as well. I cried so much on the last book, not only because of everything that happens, but also because it was the last book; that fact alone broke my heart. But she is pretty cool, and also she is awesome to her fans. So, Ms. Kane, thank you so much for your stories, and for sharing them with us.

You can visit Stacia over HERE!
Once again, Ladies, thank you for being such great authors! =)

Shadowglass (The Shadowfae Chronicles, Book 2) by Erica Hayes

Published March 7, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Shadowglass (The Shadowfae Chronicles, Book 2) by Erica Hayes

  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin; 1 edition (March 2, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0312578016
  • ISBN:-13: 978-0312578015
A seductive magic mirror lies hidden deep in a demon’s lair, with a simple warning: don’t stare at the glass…

Ice is a troubled fairy trying her best to survive in the squalid underworld of the Shadowfae.  When she spends a hot night with a demon lord, she discovers a powerful magic mirror in his lair — and pilfers it, knowing it’s the key to escaping her bleak life as a two-bit con artist.  But Ice soon discovers that the mirror’s power comes with a price…madness, which is slowly overtaking her.

Indigo oozes darkness, danger and tempting sensuality.  He’s been sent to destroy Ice and bring the mirror back to its rightful owner; a mission that, if he fails, will cost him his life.  But when he meets Ice, he faces an even greater challenge: an insatiable sexual hunger that neither of them can deny, and dark passions that threaten to claim them both forever.  The trouble is, the longer he stays within the mirror’s reach, the greater its hold on his sanity—and the stronger his determination to save Ice…

Kane, demon lord, has requested Indigo to steal a mirror. When said mirror is stolen by Ice after spending the night at Kane’s, it alters her reality along with her friends’. The mirror brings everyone’s dark side to the light, and in an attempt to get rid of it and its effects– Ice, Blaze and Azure make a huge mistake that brings even more people to the hunt of said mirror and Ice herself. Both good guys, bad ones and good/bad guys join the quest. Love brings along confusion and jealousy; and all sorts of twist and turns that will keep you glued to its pages until you finish. But who is actually Indigo? And who is Ebony? That is what Ice must find out, and also who she is and who she loves.

Like in Shadowfae, Shadowglass is also filled with darkness and sexiness mashed together, creating this enticing fast paced plot that will keep whoever is reading in a constant state of anxiousness [the good kind at that] wanting to know what is happening, what is going to happen, and how is everything going to be solved. And at the end Ms. Hayes does not disappoint. The world she created in the first book was magnificent and we get to see even more of it from different perspectives.

In the Shadowglass there is a variety of characters, all well rounded and full of surprises. We have our lovely and going insane fairies: Ice, Blaze, Azure and Indigo. Love triangle, jealousy, confusion, tension and all sorts of emotions are raised between them thanks to the magical mirror. We also see more of Kane, the demon lord who still has no idea of what real emotions and feelings are. This makes him naïve and adorable at the same time; not to mention terrifying when furious. But also, we meet more new character and old ones make an appearance as well. Ice, the water fairy, was our heroine this time. At the beginning I was not sure if I was supposed to like her, but I could definitely relate to her at some level. She is shy, clumsy, funny, and after coming across with afore mentioned mirror something inside her changes—she is not so shy afterward. She has become more daring and is not afraid of what people think of her any longer. Along with Indigo, a love/hatred relation, full of tension and lust is starting to develop… 

Once again, Ms. Hayes fills my reality with a nerve-racking and exciting fictional world that Shadowglass is, and kept me reading from beginning to end in just one sitting. I just love the way she writes and how she changes POV’s without confusing the reader at all. The characters are easy to follow and also to love and/or hate. I was really not expecting many of the surprises that came up as I read and made me scream at the book, or clap joyfully or cry. It was seriously a dark, sexy and extremely enjoyable reading that leaves me on my knees begging for book #3 to come out soon [pretty please with a cherry on top? *grin*.] I really cannot be more pleased that what I am right now, or happier.

You can visit Erica Hayes website [do not foget to look for Hellcursed, one great reading and short prequel of Shadowfae]- HERE!