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“Lover Mine” by J.R. Ward (Bit Spoiler-ish)

Published May 29, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Lover Mine by J.R. Ward

*Has a bit of Spoilers though*

  • Hardcover: 528 pages
  • Publisher: NAL Hardcover; 1st edition (April 27, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0451229851
  • ISBN-13: 978-0451229854

In the darkest corners of the night in Caldwell, New York, a conflict like no other rages. Long divided as a terrifying battleground for the vampires and their enemies, the city is home to a band of brothers born to defend their race: the warrior vampires of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

John Matthew has come a long way since he was found living among humans, his vampire nature unknown to himself and to those around him. After he was taken in by the Brotherhood, no one could guess what his true history was- or his true identity. Indeed, the fallen Brother Darius has returned, but with a different face and a very different destiny. As a vicious personal vendetta takes John into the heart of the war, he will need to call up on both who he is now and who he once was in order to face off against evil incarnate.

Xhex, a symphath assassin, has long steeled herself against the attraction between her and John Matthew. Having already lost one lover to madness, she will not allow the male of worth to fall prey to the darkness of her twisted life. When fate intervenes, however, the two discover that love, like destiny, is inevitable between soul mates.

Lover Mine… John Mathew… Xhex… Blay… And Qhuinn… If you want to know more about the “Brothers” in general—do not go for this book. The story centers on JM and Xhex. How JM is desperate to find Xhex, and how she is desperate to run away from Lash. After that happens, they open up to each other and we start knowing more about their pasts and their quest of finding Lash. Throughout the story we see how the relationship with Qhuinn and Blay is straining, and also we start knowing about Payne.

That is it—the whole book about JM and Xhex. First of all, J.R. Ward’s writing is still engaging as ever, I really like the way she writes; it makes everything easy to picture. The thing is: I wanted more of the Brothers. The only one we get to see, and it is from Payne’s perspective, is Wrath. I liked Payne, I wished we could have seen more of her. Also, Blay and Qhuinn were the ones who made this book interesting—I cannot wait to see what is going to happen with Layla. (I feel so mean, she is so innocent, yet I could not stop laughing at that.)

Something else that I liked a lot: the background story with Darius and Tohrment! I kept wishing to read more of it with every passing page. I still think that there is more to JM than just being Darius’ son. Yes, I stick to my theory that maybe it is Darius that came back again. I guess I can say I have mixed feelings about Lover Mine.

I was disappointed in many ways. The thing that bugged me the most was the Sign Language thing with Xhex—How was it possible that she learned everything just walking to another room in the house? I mean, it is okay if it was just the alphabet, but how can she understand those speeches JM throws at her? For real? You do not go just by the alphabet when it comes to the ASL… Sorry.

The other thing was: how, in the name of everything that is good, did everyone end up knowing that Lash was the Omega’s son? I admit that I got lost at some points and wanted to go back and read to see how they got to realize some things. I understand that maybe I just had really high expectations—but I still think that there was something missing somewhere between the lines.

Overall, the book was engaging, captivating and it flowed nicely despite the bumps and holes. I liked Xhex’s character. I cannot wait to see what is going to happen next. Also, what about Qhuinn’s brother? Lash said he had him frozen, was it?


Black Dagger Brotherhood Series (1-3) -Thoughts [Spoilers]-

Published April 16, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Hi everyone! Well, as you might [or not] know, this past weekend I started reading J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. So far I just read the first three and this morning on my commute I started #4… And Oh-Holiness! I do not know how I managed to wait so long to start it– considering that I got the whole collection for Christmas last year =) I hope to finish before book #8 comes out.

But up to the point: What do I think about them? Good question: These books are awesome! [Please keep in mind that I am referring to books 1-3] I think I am going to be spoiler-ish here, so if you have not read the books: I am sorry, but I have just so much to say about them…

First, lets me just say that I love how the POV changes are done. It is so easy to understand and impossible for the reader to get lost– It flows quite nicely! I really like how in the novels you get other characters POV, not just the main ones’.

But let me start with Dark Lover. For me it was the perfect way to start the series. And the beginning was all like: BANG! The scenes of Darius car being blown by the bomb and Beth being taken to the alley were fascinating for me– It played like a movie in my head. The descriptions of the brothers and everyone else were so detailed that made [or makes] the characters feel real for the moments you are reading them. From beginning to end I LOVED Wrath– he is just so mysterious and charming in a twisted way, and sexy as hell very good looking in my imagination. Beth was a pretty strong girl, I liked her, too! My other two favorite brothers in this book were Z and Rhage, so imagine my happiness when I realized that the next two books were about them *GRIN* There were two females that pissed me off though-> Marissa and the Scribe Virgin… I do not know why, but sweetness I just wanted to punch them both =P

Moving on to Lover Eternal. Rhage was one hell of a character. I liked how tortured he was, but how he accepted it because he knew he deserved that curse. But then Mary came in and… Well– I did not like her character too much. She was just too whiny. I mean, I understand her being bitter at everything, and her wanting to be completely independent and not getting close to many people– I really do; but the way she was sometimes just pissed the hell out of me. I am not saying that she is a bad character or that I think less of the book because of it; I love the book, and I love it when I dislike characters on them. Once again I wanted to kick the Scribe Virgin… And Mary as well. But other than that, I loved everyone else. I liked how J. Matthews [Tehrror] was introduced in the book. And Torhment — I really like him, too!!!!!

Now up to Lover Awakened. Zsadist is my favorite brother! It bothered me how everyone assumed stuff about him since book #1. I mean– c’mon! The fact that he is traumatized beyond belief is bound to make him different and to break him in ways that are impossible to understand unless you have been in the same situation. I was amazed at his depth despite of his brutality. Bella was a great main character, too! When they met on book #2 was one of the best parts of that book, and here– when she was on her needing? I just wanted to scream. You can feel the tension rolling off the book. And Phury’s and Zsadist’s flashbacks were so sad… No wonder Zsadist is/was that way. The ending was spectacular- the way that many things came together: Rehvenge being the Reverend, Zadist’s transformation, Phury’s destruction… But I cried– yeppers, I did; when Wellsie died! It shocked me, and it was so freaking sad! I want to know what happened to Torh. … Well… I will stop my rambling now 🙂

But there is one more thing though– John Matthews. I was talking to a friend of mine and I told her that there is something weird with him. I mean, you can tell that there is more to him than just what we can see; but what is it? [Please, if you know, do not answer– I do not want spoilers.] Like I told her– the Scribe Virgin told Darius he was going to come back, but that she was going to take something from him, did she not say that? But then again… John M. was born way before Darius died… Still I think there is something going on and I sure cannot wait to find out!

Well, I is out! It feels good to actually get my thoughts out. =)