“Spirit Bound” by Richelle Mead (Spoilers)

Published June 20, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead

  • Reading level: Young Adult
  • Hardcover: 496 pages
  • Publisher: Razorbill (May 18, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1595142509
  • ISBN-13: 978-1595142504

Dimitri gave Rose the ultimate choice. But she chose wrong…

After a long and heartbreaking journey to Dimitri’s birthplace in Siberia, Rose Hathaway has finally returned to St. Vladimir’s—and to her best friend, Lissa. It is nearly graduation, and the girls can’t wait for their real lives beyond the Academy’s iron gates to begin. But Rose’s heart still aches for Dimitri, and he’s out there, somewhere.

She failed to kill him when she had the chance. And now her worst fears are about to come true. Dimitri has tasted her blood, and she knows in her heart that he is hunting her. And if Rose won’t join him, he won’t rest until he’s silenced her… forever.

I find it impossible to talk about Spirit Bound without spoiling anyone- I am sorry! If you have not read the book and do not wish to read spoilers then I am sorry, but I just need to gush about this one.

Rose and Lisa graduate then go looking for Victor and get him out of prison with a friend. They get him to contact his brother in Vegas- another Spirit user. Victor’s brother tells them what Rose wanted to know—how to save Dimitri, but while they are going out Dimitri and his gang of strigoi attack and Victor runs free with his brother. They all go back to their lives while Rose sulks a bit because she thinks it will be impossible to rescue her lost lover. But soon enough the day comes, Lisa and Christian get abducted by Dimitri and while they are distracted Lisa makes the move and Magic happens—Dimitri is once again alive… I will leave it at that for the time being… 😛

I was so worried about that part; I did not have the slightest clue as to how Mr. Mead planned to redeem Dimitri. She did it amazing and it was so easy to picture as well. Once again Richelle Mead exceeds every expectation—the series get better and better with every book.

On this book we see how much Rose has grown as a character—how mature she has become. We get to know the characters a bit more, and surprise: Dimitri has a vulnerable spot. Adrian is as crazy as ever and even sweeter than before [I Looove Adrian.] Lisa and Christian? Let’s say I was not a fan of Lisa in here—even when I knew it was not her fault that Dimitri looked up to her as a goddess… But hey, I was feeling like Rose, [jealous much?] I mean, Rose left everything behind for him; he was brought back thanks to her despite Lisa’s touch on it. I was so pissed at that. I understood why Dimitri kept pushing her away, but that did not take away my desire of kicking him in the… In a place that would hurt, that is. Also, I love Rose’s dad, he makes the book so much fun since he appeared for the first time; and Rose is just like him! And I am so proud of how Adrian is doing; I love how understanding his is and how he is trying to be better for Rose.

Spirit Bound was ah-mazing. I enjoyed all the twists and turns in the plot; and also how little we can foresee of what is actually going to happen. I loved this book and I cannot wait for the next one to come out! I am telling you, I read this book in one sitting—I was not able to put it down at all. 🙂


“Unholy Ghosts” by Stacia Kane

Published June 18, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Unholy Ghost by Stacia Kane

  • Mass Market: Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Del Rey; Original edition (May 25, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0345515579
  • ISBN-13: 978-0345515575

The world is not the way it was. The dead have risen, and the living are under attack. The powerful Church of Real Truth, in charge since the government fell, has sworn to reimburse citizens being harassed by the deceased. Enter Chess Putnam, a fully tattooed witch and freewheeling ghost hunter. She’s got a real talent for banishing the wicked dead. But Chess is keeping a dark secret: She owes a lot of money to a murderous drug lord named Bump, who wants immediate payback in the form of a dangerous job that involves black magic, human sacrifice, a nefarious demonic creature, and enough wicked energy to wipe out a city of souls. Toss in lust for a rival gang leader and a dangerous attraction to Bump’s ruthless enforcer, and Chess begins to wonder if the rush is really worth it. Hell, yeah.

Chess, a ghost debunker hired by the Church of Real Truth, must do what she can to figure out why ghosts are out of control these days; if she does not do so her dealer is threatening to expose a secret that might ruin her life. The following days are full drugs, threats, deaths, sexual release and a pinch of caring which will make the situation even more confusing and harder for her to get out of it.

Unholy Ghosts is the first book of the Downside Series by Stacia Kane. I admit that I had very high expectations on this one; which you would understand if you have read the Megan Chase Series by Ms. Kane as well. Let me just say that these book did not disappoint and exceeded those expectations. Once again I have fallen in love with Stacia Kane’s writing—and characters, of course.

First of all, the world-building was fantastic! I was amazed by how well crafted it was, and I want to read more of it (which makes the wait for book #2 quite excruciating.) Everyone there needs the church in order to survive and get the ghosts shipped to where they belong by the debunkers that work for it. I liked the magic and darkness of this world, how there are creatures lurking and living there as well. From the intricacy of this magical world to the language and characters that live on it, everything is fascinating.

The characters- what can I say about them? It is impressive how in 352 pages Ms. Kane was able to create very well defined characters! Granted, I would have liked to know a bit more about each of them; most of all Chess and her history with drugs—but hey, there are two more books coming out next month *thrilled.* I loved Terrible and how sweet he was in a twisted way. And about Lex… I liked him because he was different, sexy with a hint of tenderness that made him alluring to some extent; but I am sorry, I am still “Team Terrible.” I cannot wait to see how everything is going to finish between Chess and the two yummy men.

As twisted as this sounds, I loved the worms parts! It was a bit yucky I admit, but it made everything even more interesting—so much so that I stayed up until the wee hours of dawn just to finish it, even with it being finals wee. Though let me tell you something: it was SO worth it! So yeah… Make sure to get this book as soon as you can, you will not be able to put it down until you finish it. Yikes! I cannot wait for Unholy Magic. I am telling you, Stacia Kane’s stories are like freaking crack. 😉

Go and visit Stacia Kane in HERE! (Join the Downside Army, too) 🙂

Books Lots of People Love- Me? Weeell…

Published June 18, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

There are a lot of very well liked books- the kind that people love and would probably rip your throats off if you dare say you do not like them… Scratch that, they WILL rip your throats out and feed your brains to kitties if you said that. This makes me wonder, are we obligated to like/love those books, and even more so because they are so famous? Geesh, I get called names on a daily basis when I admit to not liking some of those too much or to not having read them.

So, here I am, ready to throw myself out there and odds are that you guys will likely be raising torches and pitchforks after I am done with these (I will go slow and just mention 3 major YummyFails) 😛 So I ask nicely, please- be careful not to burn my hair; I am quite fond of it as it is. Thank you very much! LOL

1- Stephen King-

I have never read any of his books… Shameful? Maybe, but please keep in mind that I did not grow up in the US and books were very expensive where I grew up. And even if some of the movies that have been brought to screen from his books, but I did not know who he was until a few years back. Please do not get your panties in a bunch, Mr. King is already on my TBR list; so sooner rather than later I will read his writingzzz.

2- Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Series-

Okie, this is the hardest part–> I really do not like this series much. I have the first seven books and I only got to the fourth one. Before you start saying something, I am not saying that Charlaine Harris’ writing is bad; not by a long shot. Her writing is awesome and the plot in the books so far was pretty amazing, so it is easy for me to understand why a lot of people love these books– I really do. But it is just not my cup of tea, or water, or whatever I feel like drinking at a given moment. Should I give the books another try? One day soon, hopefully before classes begin. I promise I will try to read them again soon, so please do not hate me. *grin* I do love the HBO show though 😉

3- L. K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series

I have not read this series yet, despite the fact that I have the first 4 books and other 2 that a friendie got me for Christmas last year. This is another series that I hope to read (or at least part of it) before next semester begins. But yeah, I guess you can call this a ReadingFail just like with Stephen King. =)

The Dresden Challenge [Part 1]

Published June 6, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Hi! I know, I suck– but just a bit. As you might or might not know I am reading Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files as a challenge/dare/bet [you pick] which is the reason as to why I have not been posting regular reviews. I have until June 11th to finish the series, so far: 5 books to go, and 6 days left– I CAN DO IT! =) When did I start? I started Storm Front on May 26th. Let me just say that these books are amazing; they are a mix of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and Anton Strout’s Simon Canderous Series… I know that Simon Canderous came a bit after, but I read it first so in MY head Simon has seniority- Mind you, it does not take anything away from Mr. Dresden’s awesomeness! *grin.*

I just finished Dead Beat (Book #7) and “Hell’s Bells!!!”… Butcher sure knows how to keep the reader’s interest on edge. I am supposed to go now and start Grave Peril, but I think I will leave that for tomorrow. I will not lie, reading one whole series in a row is a bit overwhelming; but do not get me wrong, I am enjoying these books way more than I expected– and trust me, I had huge expectations. Now I understand why everyone is so in thrall with Mr. Harry Dresden.

I shall not blurb too much about the books now– that shall come as soon as I finish all twelve books. Though I must say, Harry Dresden is sure on of my fave male characters ever. I love how developed the character is; how we can see how strong he is and yet how vulnerable at the same time. I just love it!

Right after, expect my blurbs on:

  • Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead
  • Num8ers by Rachel Ward
  • Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane
  • Perchance to Dream by Lisa Mantchev

Also, I should thank some friendies for supporting me on this Dresden Challenge– though not some people around me that keep interrupting me when I read *glares.*

And talking about booksies, here are more I have gotten lately [I think I will resume these posts to once a month, at the end of the month.]

May 23rd

  • Dead Beat (The Dresden Files, #7) by Jim Butcher
  • Proven Guilty (The Dresden Files, #8) by Jim Butcher
  • Small Favors (The Dresden Files, #10) by Jim Butcher
  • Unholy Ghosts (Chess Putnam, #1) by Stacia Kane

May 28th

  • Perchance to Dream (Théâtre Illuminata, #2) by Lisa Mantchev
  • Generation Dead by Daniel Waters
  • Witch Craft (Nocturne City, #4) by Caitlin Kittredge

June 3rd

  • Accidentally Demonic (Accidental Series, #4) by Dakota Cassidy
  • Brains: A Zombie Memoir by Robin Becker
  • Feed by Mira Grant
  • Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh
  • Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, #11) by Jim Butcher

I am a bit disappointed at the bookstores though– I have been to two of them and neither had Jim Butcher’s Changes… I hope I can get it before Friday the 11th.

Well, I shall leave now- movie is waiting =) [How to Train Your Dragon] I promise that as soon as I am done with this challenge I will try to update reviews.


Now tell me: Any book recommendation? Have you read Jim Butcher’s books? What do you think of them?

“Lover Mine” by J.R. Ward (Bit Spoiler-ish)

Published May 29, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Lover Mine by J.R. Ward

*Has a bit of Spoilers though*

  • Hardcover: 528 pages
  • Publisher: NAL Hardcover; 1st edition (April 27, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0451229851
  • ISBN-13: 978-0451229854

In the darkest corners of the night in Caldwell, New York, a conflict like no other rages. Long divided as a terrifying battleground for the vampires and their enemies, the city is home to a band of brothers born to defend their race: the warrior vampires of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

John Matthew has come a long way since he was found living among humans, his vampire nature unknown to himself and to those around him. After he was taken in by the Brotherhood, no one could guess what his true history was- or his true identity. Indeed, the fallen Brother Darius has returned, but with a different face and a very different destiny. As a vicious personal vendetta takes John into the heart of the war, he will need to call up on both who he is now and who he once was in order to face off against evil incarnate.

Xhex, a symphath assassin, has long steeled herself against the attraction between her and John Matthew. Having already lost one lover to madness, she will not allow the male of worth to fall prey to the darkness of her twisted life. When fate intervenes, however, the two discover that love, like destiny, is inevitable between soul mates.

Lover Mine… John Mathew… Xhex… Blay… And Qhuinn… If you want to know more about the “Brothers” in general—do not go for this book. The story centers on JM and Xhex. How JM is desperate to find Xhex, and how she is desperate to run away from Lash. After that happens, they open up to each other and we start knowing more about their pasts and their quest of finding Lash. Throughout the story we see how the relationship with Qhuinn and Blay is straining, and also we start knowing about Payne.

That is it—the whole book about JM and Xhex. First of all, J.R. Ward’s writing is still engaging as ever, I really like the way she writes; it makes everything easy to picture. The thing is: I wanted more of the Brothers. The only one we get to see, and it is from Payne’s perspective, is Wrath. I liked Payne, I wished we could have seen more of her. Also, Blay and Qhuinn were the ones who made this book interesting—I cannot wait to see what is going to happen with Layla. (I feel so mean, she is so innocent, yet I could not stop laughing at that.)

Something else that I liked a lot: the background story with Darius and Tohrment! I kept wishing to read more of it with every passing page. I still think that there is more to JM than just being Darius’ son. Yes, I stick to my theory that maybe it is Darius that came back again. I guess I can say I have mixed feelings about Lover Mine.

I was disappointed in many ways. The thing that bugged me the most was the Sign Language thing with Xhex—How was it possible that she learned everything just walking to another room in the house? I mean, it is okay if it was just the alphabet, but how can she understand those speeches JM throws at her? For real? You do not go just by the alphabet when it comes to the ASL… Sorry.

The other thing was: how, in the name of everything that is good, did everyone end up knowing that Lash was the Omega’s son? I admit that I got lost at some points and wanted to go back and read to see how they got to realize some things. I understand that maybe I just had really high expectations—but I still think that there was something missing somewhere between the lines.

Overall, the book was engaging, captivating and it flowed nicely despite the bumps and holes. I liked Xhex’s character. I cannot wait to see what is going to happen next. Also, what about Qhuinn’s brother? Lash said he had him frozen, was it?

More Books- No Life

Published May 22, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

I have an excuse, I do– School, and most importantly: Finals. Yes, as you understand, this month has been kicking my arse; and the worst part of it all is that I have not been able to have as much pleasure reading as I would like. Pleasure reading meaning books that are not for school. Of course, this has not taken away my compulsive book buying– when I am stressed I have to go to the bookstore when I can, and in a four day span I have been there twice *grin.*

By the way– I did manage to complete my Black Dagger Brotherhood dare on time, before Lover Mine came out! And also got to finish Lover Mine as well, do not know how I pulled that one off though. Now I am moving on to the Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files dare… Twelve books in fourteen days- starting next Wednesday. I can do it, right? RIGHT! And next week I am going to start with the reviews again… Or should I say- I will go back to giving my opinion on booksies.

Now, I shall stop rambling and get to show you the lovely books I got this week:

May 18th

  • Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead
  • White Cat by Holly Black
  • Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, #4) by Jim Butcher
  • Death Masks (The Dresden Files, #5) by Jim Butcher
  • Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, #6) by Jim Butcher

May 21st

  • Perdido Street Station (Bas-Lag, #1) by China Miéville
  • The Scar (Bas-Lag, #2) by China Miéville
  • Ship of Magic (Liveship Traders Trilogy, #1) by Robin Hobb

And on Monday the 17th, I got a very speshul prezzie from a very speshul friendie (Adele- @Hagelrat) ❤ ❤ Lookie, lookie!

  • Laughing Boy’s Shadow by Steven Savile

So here you go– I have no self control when it comes to books apparently… Not that I am complaining, but I have here +100 books to finish. There will be lots of reading this Summer, I assure you. 🙂



Published May 4, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

I know, I am a slacker… But real life, reading, writing, and the little world in my mind keep me very busy all the time– despite the tweeting all the tim *shame… not really.*

I just realized that it has been a while since I posted something remotely productive, so I decided to do something close to it and give you guys a walk through my last two weeks and a half in my book world…

I won the bet/dare I had with @SimonCanderous— I was supposed to finish the first six books on the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward, also read the Insider’s Guide, and get to read a part of book #7 [Lover Avenged] before Lover Mine came out… And I did it! Now, there is another bet/dare going on by @SimonCanderous and @Hagelrat: As soon as the semester is over I am supposed to read Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files in two weeks. I am actually looking forward to that one *grin.*

“Hi everyone, my name is Ale and I have a problem: I am a compulsive book buyer.” [crowd replies: Hi Ale!] … For real, I have this thing that whenever my emotions are extreme I have to go to a bookstore. Everyone knows what happens when Ale goes to a bookstore, right? She ends up buying books– more than I should, and I cannot help it. So, here you go, books I have bought this past two weeks:

April 18th

  • Mind Games by Carolyn Crane
  • Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire
  • Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells
  • Covet by J.R. Ward
  • The Fallen 1 by Thomas E. Sniegoski
  • Randiant Shadows by  Melissa Marr
  • White Night by Jim Butcher

April 21st

  • Desert Spear by Peter V. Brett
  • Branded: Fall of Angels by Keary Taylor
  • Willow by Julia Hoban

April 23rd

  • Moon Called by Patricia Briggs
  • Blood Vice by Keith Melton
  • Darkest Night by Gena Showalter

May 1st- Free Comic Book Day! *YAY* That says it all…

  • Preacher Vol. 1 by Garth Ennis, Glenn Fabry, Steve Dillon
  • Dead @ 17 [a lot of them] by Josh Howard
  • Marvel Zombies: Dead Days by Robert Kirkman, Mark Millar, Reginald Hudlin

May 1st

  • Witchling by Yasmine Galenorn
  • Burned by P.C. & Kristin Cast
  • Battle of the Network Zombies by Mark Henry
  • Lover Mine by J.R. Ward

May 4th

  • Boys That Bite by Mari Mancusi
  • The Nymphos of Rocky Flats by Mario Acevedo

Honestly, I think my bookshelf is going to break/fall soon… There are, literally, +100 books on top of it waiting for me to read them… *shame* I think I need some profeshunal help now. LOL

Well, homework is glaring at me and calling me names from on top of the table… Nope, I am not kidding- I wish I were.

Good Night y’all! Hope you guys have a good one and cute dreams! ^-^ -Ciao