Dead to Me Giveaway!

Published April 17, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

I got a prezzie–> Another copy of Dead to Me by Anton Strout. So, given the fact that I already have this book I am choosing to share the goodness with you guys. Though now I wonder, is that the reason as to why I am getting books I already have lately? hmm… Now I feel like a pimp– Soooo, let me go straight to the point.

Dead To Me (Simon Canderous, #1)

As you guys all know [if you read my ramblings, that is] I love the Simon Canderous Series, it was like my real first time Urban Fantasy [Not in a cherry popping way, thank you very much ;-)] and what a great intro to the UF world it was. With a great male lead [Simon is awesome– except for the one on Twitter, he’s mean ❤ LOL,] snarky, witty… You pick, but it is a good book and I think I should share [or pimp] the goodness, right? Here is what you need to do, answer me this question:

What makes someone attractive? [Features, personality… What makes you digg someone] =)

-US and Canada only

-Just comment once, please!

-Make sure to check back because winner will be posted here.

It will run until April 30th, 11:59:59 and I shall post the winner on May 1st, is that okie? Good!

Good Luck to everyone!


18 comments on “Dead to Me Giveaway!

  • I’ve always thought that a woman’s eyes were her best feature. They say that the eyes are a window to the soul. I find that if I look at a woman’s eyes long enough, it helps me to get to know her better. That could just be me, though. Tip for ya, guys! Look a girl/woman in the eyes when she talks to you, and you’ll impress her. Then, when she looks away, well… Just kidding!

  • To me, what makes a person attractive is that moment when your standing or sitting down….and you turn around because your friend says that cute guy is staring at you. So you look over and he smiles at you & you smile back. That smile is what makes the person attractive. A smile can say so much, that a frown can never say.

  • I find a certain male personality to be attractive: the strong silent type who will go beyond the call of duty, who is sensitive when he needs to be, but who also know when to have fun. His smile can light up you world, but even the calmest of his expressions touches your heart and makes you want to ease his every pain. A touch of mystery and a hint of darkness in the slightest grin can make your heart beat faster. (Am I weird or what?)

    I’ll stop rambling now, but yeah, that’s my kind of guy and I’m dating one. =P

  • Personality, that’s what makes a guy hot to me. Not an arrogant asshole that has one bitch of a personality. Mysterious is good only up to certain degree. I don’t like asshats that pretend to be interesting

  • It used to be looks were the most important thing but as I get older I realize looks fade and personality stays. So a good personality and sense of humor are the most attractive things to me:)

  • What makes someone attractive. I have to say a bit of both looks and personality. Definitely personality. They can have killer looks and end up being a rude sycophant of a human/being. Thanks for the opportunity. Indigo

  • What makes me dig someone. Well first personality, I like the chase so the guy that doesn’t pay me much attention is the one who got it. Thats how I hooked my husband. But looks pay big role and chemistry too.

  • What makes me dig someone? Their personality and the way they treat me. My husband treats me like a queen and has since the first day we met. I think he looks great but then I’m prejudiced. We have been married 25 yrs.

    jelllybelly82158 at gmail dot com

  • A sense of humor is most important. I love to make people laugh and I love smiles. If a woman has a great smile I just melt. lol I am also a sucker for redheads.

  • They say the brain is the biggest sex organ and I agree with that. I’m always attracted to people who are smart – not in a know-it-all way, but in a confident way. I also much prefer guys who are well-rounded – a “jack of all trades” rather than a specialist in a couple things.

  • Oh, man…I just wrote up this insanely long list of what would create the perfect guy like two weeks ago and I don’t know where it went. Personality-wise: good sense of humor, basic common sense, someone who is genuinely kind and considerate, and willing to try new things and go on adventures. No whiners. Looks: dark hair, big arms, no guidos.

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