Shadowglass Giveaway!

Published March 25, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Hi! As you guys might [or not] know, I LOVE Erica Hayes’ books. Hell, you can even see it because she was one of my AAW’s pick. This lady is freaking awesome and her writings are sexi-licious and yummy-licious– Trust me, I love yummy things.

Enough of my ramblings and up to the point. When Shadowglass came out I went to B&N and got it as soon as I could, but it turns out that now I have two. They are both in perfect condition because I am OCD with my book collection. So I was wondering, why not share the goodness? I am willing to depart from one Shadowglass [the one I just got and have not touched] and send it to one lucky person who comments. The person will be picked randomly with’s help, of course.

Remember: This is the second book on Erica Hayes’ Shadowfae Chronicles [First one is Shadowfae]

What do I need to do, you might be asking yourself, I am sure you are. Well, since this is my first giveaway [yay!! My first time– Minds out of Gutterland, please] I decided to keep things easy. Just leave a funny comment, for my own sake [I just love laughing.] It can be something completely random. I am easily amused, so it is an easy task.

-Contest is open to U.S. & Canada. (Sorry)

-Winner does NOT have to pay for anything.

-And make sure to check back on this, because the winner will be posted in here!

Now… This will run until Tuesday March 30th, 2010- 11:59:59! Winner will be posted on Wednesday. =)

Good Luck to everyone! ^-^


8 comments on “Shadowglass Giveaway!

  • People always complain about how bad airport security is, right? Well, the last time I went through they offered to give me a massage. The guy offering was looking at me funny. Like a pervert to be exact. Long lines and sexual harassment. Fun stuff.

  • Funny, huh? *cracks his funny bone* Life is like a box of chocolates. It tastes funny after a few days in the sun. No, wait, I can do better!!! What’s the difference between Star Wars, Staa Trek, and Battlestar Galactica? Give up? About 2 or three DVDs in each box set!

  • well this may or may not be funny to you… I had a friend once who for some reason really liked cows, she wanted to own a farm and have atleast one cow. well my brother always joked to her about feeding her cows a hamburger, he called them moo burgers. so from then on everytime we at burgers someone had to bring up moo burgers and she would go hysterical. just a random thought/story.

  • Speaking of airport security, if I have to travel soon and put up with the bullshit scanners I think I’m going to find the GIRLIEST pair of pink lacy crotchless boyshort panties I can and wear THOSE under my kilt.

    Search me…I DARE you…


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