Happy Hour of the Damned

Published February 3, 2010 by Nerdy_Faery

Happy Hour of the Damned by Mark Henry

Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Kensington; Reprint edition (February 2, 2010)
ISBN-10: 0758225237
ISBN-13: 978-0758225238

Seattle. One minute you’re drinking a vanilla breve, the next, some creepy old dude is breathing on you, turning you into a zombie. And that’s just for starters. Now, the recently deceased Amanda Feral is trying to make her way through Seattle’s undead scene with style (mortuary-grade makeup, six-inch stilettos, Balenciaga handbag on sale) while satisfying her craving for human flesh [Don’t judge. And no, not like chicken.) and decent vodkatinis.

Making her way through a dangerous world of cloud-doped bloodsuckers, reapers,horny and horned devils, werewolves, celebrities, and PR-obsessed shapeshifters-not to mention an extremely hot bartender named Ricardo-isn’t easy. And the minute one of Amanda’s undead friends disappears after texting the word, “help” (The undead-so dramatic!) she knows the afterlife is about to get really ugly.

Something sinister is at hand. Someone or something is hell bent on turning Seattle’s undead underworld into a place of true terror. And this time, Amanda may meet a fate a lot worse than death…

I had read excerpts and some reviews. I do hate spoilers, but I could not help myself… Yes, I can fall into temptation when there are zombies involved and even unicorns [not that there are unicorns in the book, just saying]. I have been following [or stalking if you prefer] Mr. Henry over on FaceBook and Twitter, and let me just say that doing so was what convinced me to read the book. I mean, with those constant snarky and witty twit’s [hey, that can make a good insult, too] he proved that he can write some good books. I thank sweetness I decided to read it because it was amazing!

I read on my way to school, at the office, on my way back home and then at home… And sweet, sweet zombies *insert smile* it kept me laughing at all times and wondering what the hell was going to happen.  The characters are f*cking fantastic, they even reminded me of my friends at times. And their conversations? OMG!! That was me and my besties going out to the bar or to the restaurant… *geez* But for real now… Amanda is one helluva character! I just loved her, such a strong personality and sarcastic, which is a major win for me.  And Gil… Well *insert heart* hehe…

What really got to me was the way the book was written. I loved the recipes, and the footnotes? Let me just say that I was looking forward to every page because of the footnotes. Those were completely amazing! Well… since I do not want to spoil any of it for yah, I should shut up now before going into specifics about the story *tries to stop writing*. Just know that he creates this magnificent world in Seattle that I wish I could see in a movie and read more about with zombies, vamps, ghouls… [fascinating creatures if you ask me –wink]…  *Thankful of having the next book*

So guys… I leave you with this-> GO AND GET THE F*CKING BOOK… NOOOOW!!!! Thank you very much

You can visit Mark Henry’s website HERE!

And do not forget to save Amanda ^-^

X’s and O’s


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